Dundee is undergoing an amazing transformation and over a period of 20 – 30 years have sought to invest over £1 Billion in the regeneration of the city.

Dundee previously held the accolade of having the tallest building in Europe: Cox’s Stack stands 86mts tall...

We want to bring this status back to Dundee by creating the tallest building in Scotland.

A Luxury Reception

Conference Centre

263 Luxury Apartments

5 Star Premium Hotel

Boutique Shopping

Serviced Apartments

Executive Office Space

Sky Bar

Active Retail Space

What does this mean for Dundee?

This project won't just be the creation of an exceptional landmark, it will also bring multiple benefits to the local area and local people. This project would bring to Dundee:

  • - Around £200m investment into the Dundee economy
  • - The creation of hundreds of construction jobs
  • - Almost 1000 permanent jobs once complete across the entire building
  • - The opportunity to bring international investors and businesses to Dundee
  • - Inclusion for all the people of Dundee to be a part of this incredible landmark


Dundee developers, Dundee investment, Dundee jobs, Dundee people.

Now is the time, let us tell the world about Dundee.